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Secret Santa

Sam's Collective Secret Santa Fund is a Christmas initiative the collective wants to take this year by helping out members of our community and providing items they may need or want for Christmas!

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How does it work?

  • If you need something; clothes, underwear, binders, packers, pjs, college supplies, work supplies, fidgets, sensory items, bicycles, scooters, etc. fill out the Secret Santa Application in our bio!

  • If you wish to help: head over to our Secret Santa wish list and choose an item you wish to gift! Or donate to the go fund me link!



  • Money that you donate to this go fund me link will be put towards gifts that people have asked us for in an application, or towards a Christmas dinner for them.

  • Physical Donations can be made at any Sam’s Collective event. DM us to find out all events for this month to see which suits you best!

  • We ask you only donate what is asked for or items that are on our list! Please DM us for the list.



  • Our application process is taken very seriously and is handled with discretion.

  • The application will ask for you basic contact details, simply because we will need to contact you if we have a gift for you

  • Information will not be held past the point of delivery of gifts, and will be used solely for this purpose.

  • We cannot guarantee that you will receive the items you ask for, but we will do our best!

Questions? Email us now at

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