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Celebrate the Queermas Season: Supporting Small Queer-Owned Shops This Christmas

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread joy than by supporting small businesses, especially those owned by members of the LGBTQ+ community. In the spirit of inclusivity and celebration, we've curated a list of small queer-owned shops that offer unique and heartfelt gifts for your loved ones this Christmas.


1. Sugar Trip Designs

Instagram: @sugartripdesign

Sugar Trip Designs brings a unique take on crystal and wire pieces, this shop offers a range of handmade jewelry that's perfect for everyone.

2. Janes World

Instagram: @janes_wrld_ or check out their website here

"I decided to create a place for all of my art and called it Jane’s World! ✨ A not so serious place, full of colour, sparkle and silliness 💛 I make illustrated prints and stickers, handmade beaded jewelery, cute crochet accessories and little clay pins! 🧚‍♀️💖"

3. Ciara Purdy Pictures

Instagram: @ciarapurdypictures or check out their website here

Ciara Purdy Pictures specializes in crafting a diverse array of home decor items, primarily utilizing cross-stitch and embroidery techniques. Each piece crafted by Ciara is marked by unique characteristics, often featuring pop culture references, a touch of profanity, or a smidge of feminism. Beyond this, Ciara excels in creating scrabble frames that cleverly incorporate Irish slang and curse words, adding a playful and distinctive twist to her creations. With a blend of creativity and humor, Ciara Purdy Pictures brings a refreshing and personalized touch to the world of home decor.

4. Rotten Rouge

Instagram: @rottenrouge or check out their website here

Eibhin, based in Dublin, is a painter whose work is inspired by their surroundings, ranging from scenes of Dublin to nature and plants. They created Rotten Rouge as an outlet to explore art in different ways, enjoying the process of translating their artwork into various products for the shop. These products include hand-painted tote bags, plant pots, and decorations. Alongside these, they craft other handmade items like lino print cards, prints of their paintings, and stickers made from mini paintings.

5. Astro Slayy It

Instagram: @astro.slaayit

Astro Slaay is a vibrant business that revolves around crafting fun, queer feminist jewelry with love and care, primarily using polymeric clay and wire. In addition to their artistic creations, they offer tarot reading services. Their commitment to inclusivity and diversity shines through their unique and expressive pieces, fostering a sense of acceptance and celebration within the community.

6. Clay Up Crafts

Instagram: @clayup_crafts or check out their website here

In their creative endeavors, Clay Up Crafts specialize in crafting jewelry and accessories using clay, crystals, and wooden beads. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors and intricate patterns found in Indian art, clothing, and jewelry, their work is a fusion of cultural influences. With a focus on designing lightweight indo-western pieces, the goal is to offer stylish and comfortable accessories suitable for everyday wear.

7. WickCraft and Wickery

Instagram: @wickcraftandwickery or check out their website here

In their shop, a delightful blend awaits, combining Witchy magical wonders and sustainable scented vegan wax melts. The collections from Wickcraft are a fusion inspired by pagan practices, magick, and the enchanting elements of witchcraft found in pop culture. The artisan's primary focus lies in crafting handmade sustainable creations that establish an emotional connection, especially through the thoughtfully curated scents for the wax melts. Within the diverse works, traces of Witchcraft are sprinkled, complemented by influences from the moon. Of particular favor is the practice of celestial magic, coupled with a touch of feminist chaos. Recognizing the universal need for a bit of magic, they aspire to curate enchantment through Wickcraft & Wickery.✨

8. Oceanux

Instagram: @oceanux or check out their website here

Selling creative prints, badges and stickers, Oceanux has everything your quirky creative friend needs!

9. Cardraws

Instagram: @cardrawss or check out their website here

In their shop, Cardraws has portrait style prints and hauntingly beautiful lino prints on homemade paper.

10. In Rainbows

Instagram: @InRainbowsIrl or check out their website here

InRainbows embarked on the journey of selling handmade accessories online in 2018, navigating through various sales platforms before ultimately settling and establishing a presence on Depop. The assortment of products on offer undergoes a continual process of change and evolution as InRainbows explores new techniques and styles. With a commitment to crafting each piece with love and care, InRainbows ensures that every item is distinctly unique.

What began as a hobby to maintain mental engagement has blossomed into a significant income source. For InRainbows, each sale holds importance beyond monetary value, as it actively contributes to funding a personal transition journey. The artistry and dedication embedded in every creation reflect not only a passion for craft but also a meaningful and personal endeavor.

10. Collective Creations

Instagram: @Itssamscreations or check out their website here

Sam creates body positive prints representing LGBTQIA+ bodies. As well as cheeky greeting cards, pronoun stickers and merch from their events, Sam's Collective.

Do you own or know of a small queer-owned shop that deserves recognition this holiday season? Share it with us! Let's make this list a collective celebration of diversity and support. Drop the shop name, a brief description, and any social media handles in the comments below.

This Christmas, let's come together to support and uplift the small queer-owned businesses that make our communities vibrant and unique. Every purchase is a vote for inclusivity, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Remember, the holiday spirit is about sharing love and joy. What better way to embody this spirit than by supporting those who pour their passion into their craft? Happy holidays, and happy shopping!

*Disclaimer: This list is not exhaustive, and there are countless small queer-owned businesses deserving of support. Feel free to explore and share your discoveries to make this holiday season truly special.*


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